#HangoverHallofFame: Hilarious Hungover Tweets

December 27, 2014

If you’re waking up in a horribly hungover state today, you’re not alone. Check out these hilarious #Hungover Tweets.

P.S. To avoid winning our #HangoverHallOfFame, drink some Never Hungover before you drink… Just saying.. ;)


You know You’re #Hungover....

When Your Confidence is at an All Time LOW


When You’re Politely Apologetic About Your Decisions


When You Need an Extra Pair of Sunglasses


When You’re Feeling it More Than Ever the Next Morning. #Ouch


When You’re Being Served Revenge in The Worst Possible Way


When You’re #TheRealMVP


When You’re Late and Blame It On the Al-al-al-alco-hol, Baby


When You Want to Turn Down the Sun



When You're Daydreaming of Leftover Cookies


Get CAUGHT by Dad!




When You’re Not Really Hungover But Act As Though You Are Anyway


When You Understand The REAL Reason Why Anyone Drinks Gatorade


When You’re Forced To Realize That When One Door Closes...It Doesn’t Reopen Right Away


When You’re Too Hungover To Re-Enter Society


When You Need Reassurance That Everything is Going To Be OK, But There’s a Big Chance That It WON’T


When You Get FRIEND-ZONED by Never Hungover


When You Tweet Beyonce Lyrics #TheMostOverusedTweetOfAllTime


Point Proven. #TheMostOverusedTweetOfAllTime

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