15 People Who Have A Worse Hangover Than You (According to Twitter)

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It’s all fun and games until you wake up the next day with a bad hangover. Check out these hilarious #Hangover Tweets.

1. Little does she know that hangovers worsen as you get older #ItHappens

2. Combining the two most torturous things doesn’t make it any better either!

3. Sad but true.

4. *GAG*

5. The New York [Hungover] State of Mind.

6. At least she caught herself before it was too late.

7. “Out of the mouth of babes.”


9. Fair enough, Chivalry.

10. Clearly, your parents know how to party better than you, bro!

11. #FirstWorldProblems

12. *Kicks rocks*

13. That’s what happens when you party, party, fiesta, fiesta “All Night Long.”

14. Clearly, your mom knows how to party better you, girl!

15. On the bright side, it’s always nice to have people to depend on when you’re in a hungover state.

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