What is “Cinco de Marcho?”

February 27, 2015

You may or may not have heard of “Cinco de Marcho.” If you haven’t, it’s okay, not everyone has. It’s a pretty new development in the calendar of “drinking holidays.” Cinco de Marcho is a play on words of the popular ‘Cinco de Mayo” celebration and was invented to prepare light drinkers to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day.

A little background on how this came about… The idea of the holiday came to a group of friends, who needed to prepare themselves for the infamous drinking holiday, St. Patty’s Day. March 5th marks the beginning of the 12-day season where you begin to “train your liver” so that you can be social and remain standing amongst your friends on St. Patrick’s Day. Talk about peer pressure! :)

Cinco de Marcho is a combination of the rich traditions of both St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo. So, you might see sombreros, margaritas, four leaf clovers and Guinness Drafts all mixed together on March 5th. Now you’ll know why!

Are you going to take part of Cinco de Marcho? If you do… make sure to get your Never Hungover :)

¡Feliz Cinco de Marcho!

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