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"Woke up feeling like a boss thanks to NEVER TOO HUNGOVER! Wow, it actually works!

Seth Green @SethGreen

"WOW - That actually worked. Good to know..."

Stacy Keibler@StacyKeibler

"Going out New Years Eve knowing you’ll never wake up hungover? We can all drink to that!"

Warren Moon

"Thanks @NeverHungover for helping my guests enjoy their night while knowing they'll wake up feeling great!"

The Bartender Charles

"Bottom line: NEVER TOO HUNGOVER really works! There is a lot of good science that went into this that I really don’t understand. There is a lot of B Vitamins in here and I know that works to offset the effects that toxins brought about by reckless drinking."

Melly Allen

"Alcohol sometimes makes me toss and turn and NEVER TOO HUNGOVER eliminated that for me - so much that I would probably use it after only a couple of drinks.

Verdict: I would use it again, especially when I know I am going to be consuming a lot of alcohol. It worked as promised and the added bonus was restul sleep."

Anita Vohra

"When I go out, I like to go hard and NH is definitely a requirement for all my amazing Vegas Nights. I’m completely astonished at how I feel in the morning. It’s such a wonder blend of vitamins and natural herbs. It’s definitely a requirement for all of my fun nights."

Marilyn Cominsky

"Hi! I tried NEVER TOO HUNGOVER after a night on the town with my girlfriends and it did exactly what it said it could do. I did not have any sypmtoms of a hangover whatsoever and it’s now a secret weapon whenever I go out with my girlfriends."

Jen Lilley

"Mildly obsessed with @NeverHungover! It gets rid of every day headaches! Thanks for sharing with the #Dayscast. #lifesaver"

James Hill

"Don't worry though - you don't have to buy the whole company to get your cure, you just need to buy a 2 oz bottle, or ask your bartender for a pour from the 750 ml sized bottle that he or she may have behind the bar."

Linda Arceo

"I have been taking NEVER TOO HUNGOVER daily for the last month. I like the vitamin aspect and also the fact that it is caffeine free. When I take it before meeting the girls for happy hour I feel awesome the next morning! The girls all want me to bring them a little bottle when we go out!"


"NEVER TOO HUNGOVER has a great lemon-lime flavor. It tastes similar to an energy drink but with a milder and MUCH less sweetened taste. I was able to drink it like a shot. I usually do NOT like energy drinks or things to this nature, but NEVER TOO HUNGOVER is much more tolerable, less sugary, and doesn’t taste like chemicals or artificial."

Sports 1 Marketing

"NEVER TOO HUNGOVER is an amazing new hangover prevention beverage.
Already having worked with NEVER TOO HUNGOVER numerous times, we recognize the value NEVER TOO HUNGOVER provides to Sports 1 Marketing especially with respect to our high-profile events; and it's reassuring to know our guests will always have a good time and wake up the next day feeling great. We've received positive reviews from our affiliated companies, celebrities, and event attendees. #NeverHungover"

David Meltzer

"@NeverHungover is the best hangover prevention drink! It's great knowing our guests have a good time & wake up the next day feeling great!"

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