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What is Never Too Hungover?
Never Too Hungover is a healthy vitamin blend that helps neutralize toxins, restore vital nutrients, and rehydrate the body. It is the 
BEST TASTING and MOST EFFECTIVE way to help PREVENT or RECOVER from hangovers.

How does it work?
In addition to dehydration, a primary cause of hangovers is the result 
of a toxin called acetaldehyde. Never Too Hungover helps neutralize this toxin and supports the body to defuse it, therefore helping reduce the effects of a hangover. Never Too Hungover also rehydrates the body and restores vital nutrients, so it provides benefits even if you're not trying to help prevent or recover from a hangover.

What are the ingredients?
Never Too Hungover is comprised of a proprietary natural vitamin blend, amino acids, antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals. It is sugar free, gluten free, and low calorie (7 calories per serving). Key ingredients include Vitamin B, Potassium, Electrolytes, Milk Thistle, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera, and Gotu Kola. Never Too Hungover Boost
is the same formula as Prevention but it contains natural caffeine and double b-12.

Is it healthy for you?
Yes, Never Too Hungover is sugar free, gluten free, and low calorie (7 calories per serving). In addition it is made of quality vitamins and is rich in amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals.

How does it taste?
Never Too Hungover Prevention has a great limeade taste.
Never Too Hungover Boost has a great berry taste.

How was Never Too Hungover invented?
To learn more about how we all started, check out our story.

How much Never Too Hungover do I need to consume to achieve desired results?
For optimal results, one 3.4oz bottle is recommended for up to 7 drinks. For maximum protection, take two 3.4oz bottles.

When is the best time to consume Never Too Hungover?
Never Too Hungover Prevention must be consumed before/while drinking to help prevent the negative effects of a hangover. If consuming more than 7 alcoholic drinks, take 2 bottles for optimal results. Never Too Hungover Boost can be consumed before/while or day after drinking to help prevent or recover from the negative effects of a hangover. If consuming more than 7 alcoholic drinks, take 2 bottles for optimal

Does Never Too Hungover work if I consume it the next day after drinking?
The benefits of Never Too Hungover Prevention will not be fully realized if taken the next day. It is intended to help prevent a hangover, therefore it should be taken an hour BEFORE and/or WHILE consuming alcohol. Never Too Hungover Boost can be taken the next day after drinking to help recover from a hangover - or simply get a healthy energy, electrolyte, and multivitamin boost.

What forms of payment does accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. Additionally, we accept Amazon Payments and PayPal (except for subscriptions), Never Too Hungover Gift Cards, JCB & Diner’s Club. We do not accept checks or cash at this time.

How do I use my promo code?
A promo code can be entered during Checkout. Enter the promo code in the “Discount” field and then click ‘Apply.’

Why is my promo code not working?
Promo codes can expire any time, depending on the promotion. If your promo code is not working, it is because it has already expired.  Sign up for the newsletter to get access to regular discount offers.

How do I know if my order was placed successfully?
After your order is submitted, you will be directed to an order confirmation page with your order number. If you've reached this page, we've received your order and we are either reviewing your payment information or your order is ready to be processed. You should also receive an e-mail confirmation shortly after your order is submitted to confirm that we received it. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an e-mail confirming shipment with your tracking code.

Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?
In an effort to get our shipments to our customers as quickly as possible, your order cannot be canceled or modified once it is placed. However, you may be able to return your items to us once you receive them. Please refer to our Refunds & Returns page for details.


You have the option to purchase products as one-time purchases, or if you like to buy Never Too Hungover on a regular basis, you can lock in an extra 10% OFF in savings by subscribing to recurring orders. 

How it works:

1) Select the product (6-pack, 12-pack, 750ml Bottles or Master Case)
2) Select your order delivery frequency: every month or every 2 months
3) Go through the normal checkout process
4) Your order will be automatically placed every month (or 2 months) and shipped to you!

The good news is that you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no long-term commitments on subscriptions or cancellation fees.

In addition to where else can I purchase Never Too Hungover?
Never Too Hungover is available on Amazon Prime. You can also find it in GNC retailers across the U.S in addition to select retailers in Texas, California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico including Spec's, BevMo!, Walgreen's, Fry's, Total Wine, Circle K, and more.

For more information, please refer to our Shipping & Returns page.

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